PICTURES: Best garden furniture buys for a patio with personality

It's never too late to STP (Save The Patio). Gabrielle Fagan reveals three top looks for garden lounging
In a triumph of hope over experience, we plucky Brits persist in defying our unpredictable weather, eating, socialising and relaxing al fresco as soon as there's a glimmer of sunlight.

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Outdoor furniture for gardens: The best deals

It's an inconvenient truth that, price-wise, the best time of year to buy garden furniture is right now. Even if your new acquisition will spend its first six months under cover, losing the best of its showroom shine, the massive savings on summer price tags are very tempting.
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Bosmere to reveal garden furniture covers at Solex

There will be an addition to the ‘Storm Black by Bosmere’ range of urban chic covers, details of which are being kept under wraps until the show.

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Trends in outdoor furniture: withstand the elements, beautifully

Ask one of the most knowledgeable people in the area about what one of the hottest outdoor furniture trends for the 2015 season is, and she quickly rattles off one word: "Color!"
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Business creates stylish garden furniture from old pallets

A Plymouth entrepreneur has been creating stylish garden furniture from unwanted pallets.

Jason Birkenshaw decided to set up Ecodecks after being inspired by an American upcycling website showing how to create a wooden deck from recycled material.

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